To Stroller or Not?

We love to travel! But with a baby (or babies!) in tow, it can seem tiring just thinking about navigating the airport with multiple bags and sightseeing with the ton of baby stuff to bring along “just in case”.

We like babywearing, but on long days out it can get a bit much. Whether or not baby likes strollers, I find it a great ‘home hub’ for baby to nap, or as a (very expensive) trolley for diaper bags and shopping.

However, if where you’re going has lots of stairs or no proper sidewalks (think Angkor Wat!) then you’re probably better off carrying baby!

Cabin vs. Regular strollers

Most of us probably already have a stroller – or two – at home for our shopping trips, but full-sized strollers need to be wrapped and checked in, which means carrying baby through the airport and immigration, and risk getting it delayed or damaged in transit.

Cabin strollers, on the other hand, are lightweight (5-7kg vs. 10-12kg for full strollers) AND fold up small enough to be placed in overhead compartments of airplanes, which means baby gets to be pushed right to your seat. Plus it folds up small and can be carried in a backpack or tote on unfriendly terrain.

So Which is the Best?

Hands up if you’re a stroller snob! You research intensively and think about every detail, from function to ease to comfort to style. I’m always asked which I’d recommend, but everyone has different priorities, so this is a round up of VelvetGear customers’ faves as well as the pros and cons. What’s common would be that they all can be brought onto the plane (either in the cabin or placed in the hold) and are from reputable companies using quality baby-safe materials and design 🙂

The Smallest Fold: GB Pockit+

What We Love:

Enjoy stunned looks when you extract this little gem from your bag and unfold it into a stroller! Barely taller than a wine bottle, its regular shape makes it easy to carry around without awkward corners digging into your back. It weighs only 5.6kg, the lightest among top cabin strollers on the market and is far and away the smallest.

What We Don’t Love:

You should definitely rehearse the folding and unfolding at home to avoid impatient tsks from other passengers as you struggle with the 7-8 steps – which can be done in seconds according to YouTube videos. You’ll also definitely need 2 hands (and sometimes a leg or two) so if you’re alone carrying a baby who cannot be put down or normally struggle with opening cans and such, look down the list!

The One-Hand Fold: Baby Jogger City Tour 2

What We Love:

This stroller wins for comfort and ease of use – no more sighing at stairs when you can pick baby up in one arm, fold and carry the stroller in the other and feel like Wonder Woman! The near-flat recline means you can use it for young babies, and this can carry up to 20kg so you’ll get many years of use from it. The City Tour2 also addressed its predecessor’s issue of the seat being too shallow and older kids looking like they’re sliding off perpetually.

What We Don’t Love:

The City Tour 2 is meant to be used, and carrying it around can be a pain.

The Parent-Facing Newborn-Ready: Bugaboo Ant

What We Love:

Like all Bugaboo strollers, this is definitely a head-turner with stylish fabrics and a distinctive shape. True to its namesake, it’s indeed very small – it goes through the normal MRT gantries so no queuing up for the special access one! I tried with the Pockit+ and it wouldn’t fit (yes I’m that type of stroller auntie). It’s also the only stroller that lies completely flat and can parent face for older babies who prefer that (like mine!).

What We Don’t Love:

Opening and closing this can be a real pain – not because it needs lots of strength like the Pockit, but because there are so many things to ‘take note of’ – the handle has to be at a certain height, the fabric has to be tucked in, and so on… If you’re the kind who cannot remember more than 3 digits of a phone number, skip this!

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