I’ve had the Bugaboo Ant travel stroller for about 5 months now, so time for a review! For those thinking about travelling with a stroller, read our guide on bringing a stroller onto airplanes here.

Anyone into high-end strollers would have heard of (and lusted after) Bugaboo. The strollers sport sleek silhouettes, fashion-forward fabrics and smooth suspension. They also last from your first kid to your fifth making the $1,000+ price tag quite justifiable (at least this is what I tell my husband)!

Bold and beautiful they certainly are, but travel-friendly they’re not. Even their smallest stroller, the Bee5, had to be checked in risking loss and damage in transit.

The Babyzen Yoyo thus dominated the ‘atas’ travel stroller category with its super-quick, compact fold and colourful interchangeable fabrics. Until of course Bugaboo released the cabin-sized Ant.

What’s Awesome: Bugaboo Ant vs. Babyzen Yoyo

I owned and loved the Babyzen Yoyo – and also very quickly sold it. While the weight and size was great, my 7-month-old hated facing out AND the slight recline even in the most upright position. I also lamented the lack of under-basket storage for an ever-growing diaper bag.

What makes the Bugaboo Ant win in my books, in order of priority:

What’s Not: Why the Bugaboo Ant isn’t for Everyone

The Ant got many Bugaboo fans in a tizzy when it launched, but many balked when they saw it in person or used it – while others found the below perfectly ok.

12-month-old David (8.9kg, 74cm) asleep in the Bugaboo Ant in flat recline position.

Here’s a list of the chief complaints (because that’s Singaporeans’ national pastime):

What’s New for 2020?

It seems that Bugaboo isn’t giving up on the Ant – it often discontinues products with poor sales, like the Bugaboo Buffalo.

They recently announced that in Spring 2020 – together with the Fox2 and Donkey3 – a new version of the Ant would be released. Similar to the company named after a fruit, the lack of a number behind the name meant incremental upgrades, namely:

And that’s all for our review of the Bugaboo Ant stroller! If you can get over the fold, I think it’s the perfect stroller for travel and daily use in the city for parents with younger kids. For those with multiples, it’s great that baby and older sibling can share the stroller, unlike strollers requiring a carrycot like the Babyzen Yoyo.

Leave us your thoughts! 🙂