Tula Toddler Size

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This supportive carrier is perfect for mummies with tall toddlers or preschoolers who have outgrown standard carriers.

Refundable Security Deposit: $100

Suitable for children from 11.5kg (82cm in height) to 27kg

Available in Yaro Berry Half Wrap Conversion


  • Adjustable waistband from 28 inches to 61 inches
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Front pocket

What are wrap conversion carriers?

Normal Tula carriers are made from canvas which is durable but stiff.

Wraps are woven fabrics made by machine or handwoven on looms, so tend to be softer while still being strong, moulding to baby’s body for extra snuggly comfort!

Half vs Full Wraps

Half wraps have outer parts made from woven fabric, with canvas backing while Full Wraps are made entirely from woven fabric.

This means that Full Wraps are softer and thinner while Half Wraps are stronger which we feel is ideal for Toddler Size carriers.

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Weight 1.5 kg