Maintenance of Equipment

  1. RENTER acknowledges that the above items were received in good working condition.
  2. RENTER agrees to maintain the items at his/her own cost and expense during the duration of the rental. The equipment must be kept in a good state of repair, normal wear and tear excepted.
  3. RENTER agrees to pay the OWNER full compensation for the replacement and/or repair of any equipment or part(s) which are damaged, lost or stolen, normal wear and tear excepted. The OWNER’s invoice for replacement or repair is to be accepted as final, with receipt provided as proof upon request.
  4. RENTER agrees not to sublet equipment to any other parties.
  5. OWNER will refund the equipment deposit, if any, to RENTER upon return of the equipment in good working condition.


Cancellations and Refunds

Extensions and Late Fees