What’s the Wobbel board for? Is it a balancing board, a tunnel, a slide? All of these and more, according to your imagination 🙂

The Story of the Wobbel

The wooden toy that moves young and old – that was the vision Hannelore and Wouter had when they created the Wobbel. The balancing board has its origins in Waldorf schools, which stimulates strength and balance in a fun way. It supports physical awareness and balance in babies from 8 months old to adults and even the elderly! 

What About Other Brands?

We recommend the Wobbel because it has been rigorously tested. The Original and Pro can take adults up to 200kg, while even the Starter board can hold up to 100kg. This is double what many others on the market claim to hold, and with toys built for physical abuse we recommend safety above all!

Which Wobbel is best for me? 

Read through this selection guide. TLDR: The Original/Pro is the most popular size (they’re the same except one has wool felt and the other has PET felt, the XL is great for larger adults or 2 kids and the Starter is perfect for children below 3 years of age. 

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